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Restoring Cars, Changing Lives.

Referring Organizations submit referrals on individuals who meet established criteria and have been engaged with that agency for an extended period of time.  These nonprofits offer long-term case management services to individuals in transition and working towards self-sufficiency.  Their services include assistance with budgeting, counseling, employment, housing, recovery and many more. 

Please fill out the printable JumpStart form and email to

Community / Corporate Partners

JumpStart Program

Community and Corporate Partners support our ministry in a variety of ways; they provide car donors, donated services, financial support, volunteers and other services that contribute towards accomplishing our mission. We are grateful for their generous hearts and sacrificial service. 

The Chariots4Hope JumpStart Program allows businesses and individuals to support their community by sponsoring a family or individual in need of transportation.  Your donation will be earmarked for someone who has been referred to us by one of our community partners.  The money will be directly applied to repair a donated vehicle for a restored life. 

 Many in our Omaha are experiencing restoration through amazing non-profit organizations.  As these people are preparing to get plugged back into our community, one of their biggest barriers to finding employment is reliable transportation.  Your sponsorship will help them secure a vehicle that will make a lasting impact to their life and the Omaha community.

We appreciate your prayerful consideration in helping us bring the gift of hope to restored lives.
If interested in participating in the JumpStart Program, please call 402-516-8301 or email us at

Here's How The Program Works:

  1. Complete the contact form or call us at 402-516-8301
  2. Receive info on the sponsored individual or family
  3. Local shop will repair the vehicle
  4. Host the Blessing Ceremony at your business
  5. Receive recognition for your sponsorship
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Referring Organizations


This ministry can’t exist without our community partnerships. Vehicle donors, financial supporters, volunteers, nonprofit agencies, local business and corporate partners and churches provide the necessary support that makes self-sufficiency possible for those we serve.  Together, we are changing lives in our community one vehicle at a time.