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Restoring Cars, Changing Lives.

Jason and Michelle met at a wedding in 1997 and were engaged within 3 months.  During 18 years of wonderful marriage, the Hurts have lived in 5 states, 7 houses, and have grown to appreciate this beautiful country and all the amazing relationships they have developed along the way. ​

They have many hobbies but their favorite by far is their kids,  Riley, 13 and Gavin, 8.   Weekends, weekdays, spring and summer, you will find Jason and Michelle on the ballfields with a bag full of sunflower seeds, watching Riley and Gavin play softball and baseball. Riley is on a select softball team and Gavin loves about any sport that involves a ball! They both excel at school, enjoy playing with friends, visiting family and love to travel.

  After living on Long Island, NY for several years, they were being called to Omaha to start a small business that allowed Jason & Michelle to work together while sharing their faith in the Marketplace. Originally from the St. Louis area, they were very excited to get back to the MidWest.  

After leaving the fast paced corporate life in the Big Apple, it was a blessing to have several months of downtime while they waited for their business to be built.  Their doors officially opened to the public in November 2013 and they quickly realized God was using this business to prepare them for full time ministry.   During this season of small business ownership, they founded a faith-based ministry called Chariots4Hope; which helps provide transportation for low income families in the Omaha community. 

God immediately brought several amazing board members to the Chariots team and around the summer of 2014, Chariots4Hope became an official 501(c) 3 organization. Chariots4Hope is a referral based program that helps individuals that have gone through restoration programs (like at the Open Door Mission or Rejuvenating Women) find transportation that will help them remain employed and self-sufficient in our community. After experiencing a lot of growth during their first year in operation, Jason and Michelle decided to leave their small business in November 2015 to pursue this ministry full time. 

  The first Chariots4Hope blessing occurred back in October of 2014.  One of their best memories from this donation was the pure joy that was noticed in the mother’s son, Josiah. One down and many more to come!

 This ministry can’t exist without our amazing vehicle donors, who normally come to us by word of mouth.   These supporters love seeing their vehicles being restored and plugged back into our community to help a family in need.  They also appreciate the full tax advantages associated with a program that restores cars for needy individuals. A win-win situation for everyone involved! 

“The Blessing Ceremony” is one of the main reasons the Chariots4Hope team loves doing what they do.   It’s quite an overwhelming experience the day the recipients receive their automobile.  It’s a true gift being able witness the hope, joy, and gratitude that illuminates from these restored individuals.  We would love for you to join us at one of their Blessings but be careful, it’s addicting!

One of the ways we're able to provide transportation to those in need is through our JumpStart program.  This is a program that personalizes the “donation experience” for our local businesses by allowing the business to sponsor a specific individual or family. Their financial donation is directly applied to the restoration process of the vehicle and “The Blessing Ceremony” is hosted at their place of business.  

The Chariots4Hope team is humbled and honored to be part of a ministry that’s making a difference in Omaha.  There are many people in our community who are in need and well-deserving of this type of gift.  13 Vehicles were given away during our first year in operation and we're on track to triple that number in 2016.   To God Be the Glory!!

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