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Restoring Cars, Changing Lives.

  Our Core Values

To remove the transportation barrier for responsible individuals in our low-income communities.

To empower low-income individuals and families to reach and maintain self-sufficiency through car ownership and afterCARe services. 

To glorify God by loving and serving the poor

  • Faith: Our faith rests solely in Jesus Christ who died for our sins in order that we may have eternal life.
  • Honesty: We will manage this organization with integrity, transparency, grace, and love. 
  • Stewardship: We will be good stewards of our finances, time, gifts, donors, volunteers and any other resource that God provides.
  • Family: We believe in the power and strength that family brings to every community.
  • Collaboration: We believe accomplishing our mission is only possible by working together through our community partnerships. 

Our Purpose

  Our Vision

  Our Prayer

  Our Mission

We pray that the community will be able to see God's amazing love and grace through this vehicle donation program. We are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ and believe in HIS power to restore lives.  We pray that God reveals himself through this program to anybody who hasn't entered into a personal relationship with our Savior.