Donation Process

FAQ's  - Frequently Asked Questions

   Referring Organizations

​​How do I receive a car?

  • In order to receive one of our cars, you must be referred by one of our referring organizations. You cannot apply directly to C4H.  Although agencies submit applications, Chariots4Hope alone selects car recipients.  Please reach out to one of these organizations to inquire about how you can be considered for one of our vehicles. 

What is the process once I have been referred?

  •  After receiving the completed application, you will be required to complete our afterCARe program, which is a 2 hour class that covers specifics of the program, warranty information, budgeting and basic car care maintenance.

How much does it cost once I’ve been accepted into the Donation Program?

  • There are a few different acceptable forms of payment that will be discussed with you during orientation.

How long is waiting process after I attend the afterCARe Program?

  • The average time is between 6-8 weeks. 

What do I need prior to receiving my vehicle?

  • You will receive the type of vehicle, make, model, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).  It is your responsibility for purchasing insurance on the vehicle.  Proof of insurance will be required to sell the car and process the DMV paperwork.

How are C4H vehicles prepared for the recipients?  Is there a warranty?

  • We inspect and complete all necessary repairs so that our vehicles are in good working order. We also provide a six month or 6,000 mile limited warranty for all recipients who select to participate in our afterCARe program.

When do I receive my title?

  • You will receive your title and all necessary paperwork upon delivery of the vehicle.

How do I become a Referring Organization?

  • You need to contact a C4H representative to request a meeting to review our program.  You can reach us at 402-516-8301,, or complete the form(link to RO form) on our website.  Due to overwhelming need and limited vehicles, there may be times we’re unable to add new partners.  
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   C4H Recipients

When will you pick up my vehicle?

  • Our goal is to pick up you vehicle within 2-3 business day of receiving notification from the donor.  Please allow for delays during our busiest months – December & January.

What type of paperwork will I receive for my donation?

  • Donors will receive a donation receipt when the vehicle is towed or picked up by a C4H recipient. Tax documents (1098c & 8283) will be provided after the vehicle is processed.

What type of vehicles do you accept?

  • We accept vehicles in any condition. Our goal is to repair as many vehicles as possible but some vehicles are not economic to repair, but produce revenue to C4H when sold for salvage.

What areas do you serve?

  • We currently serve the greater Omaha areas including Council Bluffs.  Depending on the situation, we may pick vehicles outside of a 60 mile radius of Omaha. Our plan is cover the entire State of Nebraska and the surrounding Heartland states.

How do I start the donation process?

  • It’s simple.  Fill out our online form(link) or contact us at 402-516-8301. We will coordinate the pick up or tow at no cost to you.

What do I need to provide to donate my car?

  • You will need to provide us your vehicle keys and title.  Please review Step 2(link) under “Donate Your Car”

What if I can’t find my title?

  • You will need to request a duplicate title with your local DMV office. It costs $10.00 to obtain a duplicate title. 

What are the costs associated with donating a vehicle?

  • There is no cost to you when donating a vehicle.  We assume all costs associated with securing your vehicle.

When do I cancel my insurance?

  • Insurance should be cancelled after C4H picks up your vehicle

What happens to my license plates?

  • You should remove your plates prior to donating the vehicle and turn it into the DMV.

Does someone have to be home when you pick up the car?

  • No as long as C4H has your signed title.  Just make sure to leave the door unlocked and keys are under the mat for pick up.  You also want to ensure that all personal belongings have been removed from the vehicle.

What is the value of my tax deduction?

  • Once your vehicle is assessed, we will either place it in our donation program for a family in need or car sales program to help support our mission.
  • If your vehicle enters our donation program, you will be able to claim the fair market value for the car.  A few examples of IRS approved valuation guides are and  
  • Vehicles that don’t qualify for our donation program will be processed through our car sales program bringing the selling price to the donor as a tax deduction.  The IRS allows a minimum deduction regardless of sale price of $500.00

What is the process of reporting my donation to the IRS?

  • You will need to provide us your TAX ID or Social Security Number if your donated vehicle is restored for a low-income family or sold for over $500.00.  This information will be used to complete the form 1098c, which will be filed with the IRS by March 31st of the following year.
  • You will need to complete IRS form 8283 in order to claim the deduction for your donation.  The rules can be complex so please consult an accountant, review IRS Publication 4303, and read the instructions for form 8283. 
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